Battle For Souls - DELUXE Second Edition

Battle For Souls - DELUXE Second Edition

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We will accept 2 ounces of .999 pure silver in coin, round, or bar form for one copy of the game shipped! Contact us for our shipping address.

This is the DELUXE EDITION! 
This version includes more than 250 deluxe components including cloth playmats, extra cards, linen finished rulebook on extra heavy paper, plastic insert and component keeper, deluxe custom dice, metal cross and skull markers, gold foil lettering on the box, custom embroidered component bags, and more!

Battle For Souls is an award winning tabletop game that pits the forces of heaven against the forces of hell in a battle for the souls of humankind. 

Archangels attempt to influence vulnerable souls and appeal to their heavenly virtues to bring them closer to Heaven while Demons tempt souls to give in to sin so they may condemn their souls to Hell. In Battle for Souls, players will play as either Heaven or Hell and attempt to influence souls so they can reaped. Appealing with Virtues or Temptations, your goal is to reap more souls and score more points than your opponent. So, prepare to battle it out with the forces of Heaven and Hell in Battle for Souls!

The forces of Heaven are represented by Archangels, each embodying one of the seven Heavenly Virtues. If the souls on Earth can be influenced by the Archangels you have recruited, you will be able to influence those souls and begin building up Holy Points that can be spent to acquire Intercessions or Holy Relics. If you accumulate enough holy points, you can even recruit more Archangels to assist you in your quest to bring souls to the light. Meanwhile, Hell calls upon its Devils to tempt the souls of Earth into indulging the Seven Deadly Sins. The same rules apply to Hell as apply to Heaven, but you will be racking up Unholy Points to buy Sins or Unholy Relics and recruit more Devils to your cause. With similar goals, both factions will play the cards in their hands to take actions and add Holy or Unholy points to souls on Earth, preparing them to be reaped on future turns.

Over the course of the game, players will battle over souls until there are no more souls remaining. The goal of the game is to have the most Victory points, and reaping souls is the way to get there. Players start with a hand five cards they may play during their turn. Depending on the combination and number of cards they play, players can make use of effects like taking a victory point card, taking and using an Intercession/Sin card, acquiring a Holy/Unholy Relic, adjusting the number of Holy or Unholy points on an Earthly soul. You could, instead, work on sculpting your hand for future turns by discarding cards so you can draw news ones at the end of the turn or by drawing a single new card. 

Some of the cards in Battle for Souls allow you to reap the souls on Earth if one or more of the following conditions are met. At least one soul in play must have 4 Holy or Unholy Points. All the souls on Earth are Holy, or all the souls on Earth are Unholy. Playing a reap card will send all souls with 4 or more Holy Points to Heaven, all those with 4 or more Unholy Points to Hell, and the rest go to Purgatory where they will score no points. Reaped souls give their controllers 3 Victory Points at the end of the game, so fight hard for those souls and hold onto your Reap cards for the appropriate moment!

Battle for Souls can also be played solo or with four players! Two players will team up and pick one either Heaven or Hell, with the other team picking the other. However, rather than each player having their own deck, each player on a team shares a deck. Additionally, there are ways to share resources with your partner, increasing their options.